Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access is the use of specialised rope techniques to access difficult to reach areas.

Fall Prevention Technologies (Pty) Ltd has a team of qualified Rope Access Technicians that provide you with safe, efficient and flexible work alternatives to other access forms such as scaffolding, gondolas etc. which can be cumbersome and costly to erect and use.

Industrial Rope Access includes washing of windows, cleaning of silos, installation of advertisements on skyscrapers, painting of buildings, generally any application that requires competent people on ropes, high in the air.

One monumental project completed is the 175m high Ponte City building in Johannesburg CBD that we painted only via the use of Industrial Rope Access Technicians.

Fall Prevention Technologies (Pty) Ltd have many years of rope access experience and rope access know how in the industry to solve any of your difficult to reach problem areas.

Our rope access technicians have the relevant rope access qualifications to efficiently finish any rope access project.