Fall Prevention Technologies (Pty) Ltd supply International standard and high quality permanent Lifelines. These permanent lifelines were chosen after careful consideration, to enable us to provide you as the customer with the best product at the best prices.

Over the years Fall Prevention Technologies (Pty) Ltd have installed various life line systems at key buildings and sites in South Africa. Contact us with your enquiry, and we will give you a safe and secure solution.Our systems are safe and easy to use. Only the best quality products is good enough to secure any person working at height. Our systems are safe and easy to use. Only the best quality products is good enough to secure any person working at height.

Checkmate provides a range of accessories to complement and finish the CheckLine system. Our cables are manufactured from stainless steel, and can be supplied in bulk or cut to suit each project. Strap toggle swage adjusters, strap toggle adjusters, and strap toggle swages are used to terminate and tension the system.

Our baseplates are pressed from stainless steel, spun and then powder-coated, providing ultimate strength and durability. They are manufactured in a range of sizes to suit most common roofing systems. Checkmate has developed a special battery operated portable crimping device to aid and speed up installation.

Our Extremity Post Anchors are formed from cast stainless steel and have forged eyebolt attachments.

EPAs come in two forms:

  • TopFix End Post – Electropolished and powder-coated for ultimate corrosion protection. The baseplate suits most common roof types, from composite panels to standing seam, PVC and concrete covered in bitument.
  • InLine End Bracket – This bracket is designed to ensure up to three bolt locations in any orientation. Supplied complete with a neoprene gasket, to seal from water ingress and stop bi-metallic corrosion.

Uniquely designed and packed with staged progressive rubber dampers, Checkmate’s Inline Damper System reduces extremity loading by up to 40%.

The IDS is connected to an end bracket using an adjustable toggle, and is crimped onto the 8mm cable using a special crimper. It can be used in conjunction with a TopFix End Post to reduce loads by over 60%.

When designing horizontal lifelines, it is critical to understand the inline tension force of the system. Our Load Control Device informs the installer of a safe cable tension range.

Checkmate’s LCD calibrates the installation by indicating whether the cable tension of the system is safe. This is shown through a green and red scale, indicating whether a system is damaged. The LCD is manufactured from stainless steel and is electropolished for ensured durability.

How to achieve smooth transition through intermediate and corner brackets has vexed lifeline engineers for decades. Our new CheckLine Ball provides a revolutionary solution. The ultra-compact CLB trolleys have a unique stainless steel ball-bearing device with a swivel handle, allowing the device to be pulled as close to the centre line of the cable as possible, providing smooth movement like never before. The device can be used on either side of the lifeline.

The CLB comes in a number of forms:

  • The removable model opens by a simple two-movement button, and can be fitted to the line at any point.
  • The fixed model enters the system via an inline spring-loaded gateway, which can be fitted at the end of the system or along the lifeline as required.
  • The overhead trolley is a permanently installed feature, and has been designed to run on the CheckLine II system. The wheels, rollers and bearing allow the trolley to move over the intermediate brackets without interruption, even with a fall arrest block attached.